Central Japan International Airport (Nagoya)


Central Japan International Airport (Centrair) is located 35 km to the south of Nagoya City. Airport fees (2500 yen) are included in the flight fares to all overseas destinations if departing from Central Japan International Airport. For the domestic flight, arriving and departing passengers are also required to pay airport fees (200 yen, included in the flight fares).




Meitetsu Airport Express
Nagoya Railroad Co. Ltd. (Meitetsu)
28 min. 870 yen to Meitetsu Nagoya (Shin-Nagoya) Station by by ╬╝SKY Ltd. Exp. or the Ltd. Exp. trains. Additional 360yen is required for the surcharge.

Airport Buses

Airport Bus service provide convenient trip to many cities in Chubu region.

Destination Duration Fare Operator
Toyota City 80 min 1,750yen Meitetsu Bus
Yokkaichi City 85 min 1,500yen Mie Bus
Hamamatsu Station 120 min 3,100yen Entetsu

Airport Services

Tourist Information Center

Centrair Tourist Information Center

Office hours are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, every day all year-round.

Money Exchange

Japanese public transport, stores and restaurants are legally forbidden to accept foreign currencies. You do need small amounts of yen currency for immediate needs. If you have foreign bank notes other than U.S. dollars, it is wise to convert some of them in to yen while at the airport. Traveler’s Checks can be cashed quickly at banks, but few stores or restaurants accept them. Unused yen (bank notes only; no coins) can be reconverted into foreign currencies at the airport with no limitation, provided the exchange center has sufficient funds for re-conversion.

For handling currency exchange, there are 2 banks, with one or more open from 6:00am to 10:00pm
Please note that no banks or currency exchanges are located in the area after security inspection.

Charge-free Wi-Fi Spots

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