Welcome Cards


Welcome Cards

Use Welcome Cards or website page printouts to have more fun and get great discounts when you travel in Japan.

What is a Welcome Card?

Welcome to Japan! There is an exceptional variety of truly interesting cultural heritage sites and sightseeing attractions in Japan, and shopping and dining out are experiences not to be missed. In order to make your visit to Japan as exciting and worthwhile as possible, some special cards have been created for your use in a number of cities and areas. Most of these cards come with a guidebook for overseas visitors to Japan to enable you to get discounts and special services at art galleries, museums, sightseeing attractions, shopping areas, restaurants and transportation facilities. Although called the Welcome Card, there are also places where you can receive discounts by presenting a website page printout instead of a card. Welcome Cards are our way of saying thanks and extending our greeting to you as our overseas travelers who have made your long trip to Japan. In the following, we are pleased to introduce 4 types of Welcome Cards, in the hope that you will make the most use of them for your more enjoyable and economical stay with us in Japan.

welcome card


1. Tokyo Handy Guide / Tokyo Handy Map
Valid users : All non-Japanese
Area of use : Tokyo
Type : Pamphlet
Availability :
·Tokyo Tourist Information Centers (in Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Haneda Airport and Keisei Ueno Station)
·Tokyo Tourist Information Offices (about 150 offices in Tokyo)
·JNTO (TIC and Overseas Offices)


2. SHORYUDO Welcome Card

Valid users : All non-Japanese visiting or living in Japan.
Area of use : Shoryudo region (the nine prefectures in central Japan)
Aichi, Fukui, Gifu, Ishikawa, Mie, Nagano, Shiga, Shizuoka, Toyama
Type : 1) Booklet 2)Download or print out the image from the website
Availability :
Pamphlet at Tourist information center located in Chubu Centrair International Airport, at JNTO’s
tourist information offices (Category 1 and 2), and at airports located inside the Shoryudo region.
Or download / print out the image from the website

For more detailed information, please refer to the web site.

3. Kobe Welcome Coupon

Valid users : All non-Japanese. You may be asked to show your passport on issuing this card.
Area of use : Kobe City
Type : 1) Flyer 2) Printout of the web page
Availability : Flyer at
·Tourist Information Centers in Kobe(Shin Kobe,Sannomiya,Kitano)
·Arima Hot Sprint Tourist Information Center
·Kansai Tourist Information Center (in Kansai International Airport)
Or Printout of the web page:


4. Kitakyushu Welcome Card

Valid users : Non-Japanese except permanent residents in Japan and volunteer guides of the Kitakyushu Welcome Card users.
Area of use : Kitakyushu City
Type : 1) Pamphlet 2) Printout of the web page
Availability : Pamphlet at
·TIC in Narita Airport ( 1st fl. of Passenger Terminal 2 Bldg.)
·Tourist Information Office of Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka City
·Tourist offices in Mojiko station and Fukuoka Airport
·Kitakyushu Convention Bureau, Kitakyushu Int’l Association
·Kitakyushu Airport
·Publication hotels, tourist facilities


This information is based on data as of August.2014 and is subject to change without notice.