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Public Transportation Promoting Guidance in Foreign Languages

Currently, public transportation in Japan is promoting its offers of necessary information for overseas visitors in foreign languages or pictogram. Here, you can find major transportation and lines offering such services.

Project by the Government and Public Transportation for Making Indications in Foreign Languages Available

In order to offer user-friendly public transportation services to overseas visitors, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT) has set a standard for making indications or announcements available in foreign languages. Based on this standard, public transportation and other related agencies are now actively preparing to establish a system to offer comfortable travel to foreign visitors, by providing necessary information in foreign languages or pictogram in transportation or at the terminals, as well as through making announcements in foreign languages. On this Web site, you can find major public transportation promoting the service and the lines that overseas travelers are expected to use often. In addition, if you wish to have more details, please visit the English site of the relevant transport system listed (although please note that not all services have an English site currently).

MLIT plans to continuously improve the onsite transportation guidance system to welcome overseas visitors. We would like to ask you, our guests from foreign countries, to let us hear your honest opinions through the questionnaire on this Web site.

1) Some of the transportation services are still in the preparation stage for offering this service.
2) If the location you are searching for does not appear at the top of the list, please scroll down the page to find the necessary information.
3) Only major stations, such as starting, ending, and intermediate (transfer) points of each line are mentioned on this Web site.
Please be aware that not all stations can be found here.