Koyasan Area

Wakayama, Kansai

Head Temple of Esoteric Buddhism, Shingon-mikkyo. The 25-meter-high Dai-mon Gate is the main entrance and invites visitors.

Koyasan is located in the northeastern part of Wakayama and is in Koya-Ryujin Quasi-National Park. On the peak of Koyasan, surrounded by mountains, is Kongobu-ji Head Temple, founded by Kobo Daishi, the Head Temple of Esoteric Buddhism, which has a 1200-year-long history. More that 100 temples are scattered throughout the area, thus forming a great religious city.

A number of structures exist in the mountain. For instance, the 25-meter-high Dai-mon Gate, Important Cultural Property, that has served as the main entrance to the sacred area of Koyasan ever since its founding day, or the temple structure complex, National Treasure, and the Danjo Garan complex. Koyasan-Reiho-kan Museum exhibits the tremendous cultural properties of Koyasan.

Lodging facilities are provided by temples for the followers, available also for visitors. The meal served is Shojin-ryori, special vegetarian food using only vegetables, cereals and seaweed and avoiding meat and fish. Some of the temples offer chances to experience Ajikan, a kind of meditation programme.


From Kansai Airport:
[Rail] 32 min from Kansai Airport to Tengachaya Station by Nankai "Rap:t" (limited-stop express), and 1 hour 25 minutes from Tengachaya to Gokurakubashi Station by Nankai Line "Koya" (limited-stop express). From Gokuraku-bashi, take Koya-san Cable to Koya-san, 5 minutes.
From Tokyo:
[Rail] From Tokyo Station, 2 hours 30 minutes by JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line to Shin-Osaka Station. From Shin-Osaka Station, take subway to Nanba Station, 15 minutes. From Namba Station, 1 hour 30 minutes by Nankai Tetsudo Line Express to Gokuraku-bashi Station. From Gokuraku-bashi, take Koya-san Cable to Koya-san, 5 minutes.

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