Namba Area

Osaka, Kansai

Downtown Minami never sleeps, with bustling entertainment and hiddern away alleys with specialized stores, food joints and more!

One of the hottest area at the moment, to have fun amongest the locals.

Namba is also a southern gateway for Osaka. The Namba City at the Nankai Namba Station is shopping zone with convinient access and 300 shops and restraunts that serve popular, reasonably priced foods of Osaka

Namba is also known as the town of entertainment. There is Shin-Kabuki-za, a theater exclusively devoted to Kabuki and Namba Grand Kagetsu, a theater of Yoshino Kogyo which is company employing many comedians.

The Ura-Namba district has gained attetion as a trendy spot where you can find small, tasteful restraunts and bars. You can enjoy delicious foods at a resonable price in a hideway atmosphere.
Sennichimae Doguyasuji shopping street contains an array of specailty stores selling profeesional cooking implements and kitchen tools. Here you'll find authentic-looking food models and many other unexpectedly appealing products. There are demonstration sales of Takoyaki as well as food samples making lessons.

The Nipponbashi district located of few minutes North West, houses Kuromon Ichiba (marketplace) known as the kitchen for "Minami". The market has a total length of close to 600 meters with 170 shops, the vast majority of which specialize in the freshest and best quality meat, vegetable eggs, and other ingredients from around the country and abroad. Although well over half of total sales are for business (professional chef) market, Kuromon Ichiba caters alos to the general public. For more than 170 years, everyone from restraunt chefs to housewives have come here, drawn by the taste, freshness and variety of its products.

If you get off at Nipponbashi Station of Sakai-Suji Subway Line and go south down the Sakai-Suji Avenue, you will find "Den-den Town" (electric town), also called "Akihabara of Osaka", clustered with electric appliance wholesalers' shops standing side by side on Nipponbashi 3-chome through 6-chome. Many shops give an in-house advertising broadcast in Korean or Chinese. The advent of an increasing number of computer shops is a recent phenomenon.


From Tokyo:
[Rail] Take JR Tokaido Shinkansen Line for 2 hours and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station. Then take a subway for 17 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station to Namba Station.
From Osaka:
[Rail] 38 min from Kansai Airport to Namba Station (Osaka) by Nankai "Rap:t" (limited-stop express).

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