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Seaside hot springs

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  • Utoro hot springs [Hokkaido] UTORO溫泉(宇登呂溫泉)[北海道] Shiretoko was registered as a UNESCO natural World Heritage site in 2005, and these hot springs lie at the gateway to the Shiretoko Peninsula. Enjoy the feeling of becoming one with the natural surroundings of the far north while gazing upon the Sea of Okhotsk from a hot bath.
  • Ito hot springs [Shizuoka prefecture] These springs have been in use since the 9th century, and the hot spring resort area here extends along the ocean side facing the Sagami Bay. The area is also home to an entertainment district with numerous ryokan inns and large scale hotels. It also is relatively close to Tokyo and popular among cultural figures.
  • Wakura hot springs [Ishikawa prefecture] 和倉溫泉[石川縣] This area is famous as being one of the best high-class hot spring resort areas in Japan. These springs have been in use since the 9th century, giving them a very long history. The spring quality is sodium and calcium chloride. One of the features of this water is its ability to warm the body very well. The area is also a gateway to Noto sightseeing and convenient as a sightseeing hub.
  • Nanki Shirahama hot springs [Wakayama prefecture] 南紀白濱溫泉[和歌山縣] These springs have been in use since the 7th century, and are counted among the three oldest springs in Japan. They are close to Osaka and Kyoto, and there are many sightseeing spots in the surrounding area. Because this area is spread out along the ocean, there is a wonderful abundance of delicious seafood. Sea bathing at white beaches is also very popular.
  • Nanki Katsuura hot springs [Wakayama prefecture] 南紀勝浦溫泉[和歌山縣] This is one of the most popular hot spring areas in Wakayama Prefecture alongside the Nanki Shirahama hot springs. It is a hub for sightseeing at designated World Heritage sites Mount Nachi and the Natchi Falls as well as the Kumano Sanzan shrines. It features hot springs along the Pacific Ocean, and its local specialties are tuna and whale.
  • Kaike hot springs [Tottori prefecture] 皆生溫泉[鳥取縣] This area is home to many hotels and ryokan inns facing the Kaike coast of Yumigahama. The ocean scenery is beautiful, and has been selected as one of the 100 best sceneries of Japan. At night the area transforms into an entertainment district bustling with tourists.
  • Ibusuki hot springs [Kagoshima prefecture] 指宿溫泉[鹿兒島縣] The Ibusuki hot springs is a general term for a group of hot springs including the "Surigahama hot springs", "Yajigayu hot springs", and "Nigatsuden hot springs". The "Surigahama hot springs" in particular are famous for their "sand baths" (a way of bathing to warm the body where bathers put on a yukata robe and are buried in hot churned sand).