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Ravine Hot Springs

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  • Jyozankei hot springs[Hokkaido] 定山溪溫泉[北海道] These springs are set in Hokkaido, and are famous as Sapporo's "okuzashiki" (inner parlor). There are plenty of ski resorts nearby, making this area incredibly popular among large amounts of foreign visitors. The "kappa", a cute Japanese monster, is the mascot.
  • Sounkyo hot springs[Hokkaido] 層雲峽溫泉[北海道] This spring area is located in central Hokkaido, at the bottom of the Sounkyo Ravine amidst the great outdoors. Constructed as a "Canyon Mall" inspired by Canadian mountain resorts, the hot spring resort area has a western ambiance.
  • Kinugawa hot springs[Tochigi prefecture] 鬼怒川溫泉[栃木縣] Located in the world heritage area of Nikko, these popular hot springs are also called Tokyo's "okuzashiki" (inner parlor). The spring quality is said to be good for burns. There are a lot of sightseeing spots nearby.
  • Unazuki hot springs[Toyama prefecture] 宇奈月溫泉[富山縣] These springs are located along the ravine of Kurobe River, unexplored land in Japan. Enjoy hot springs brimming with a rustic ambiance amidst the great outdoors. This area is also the center of Kurobe Gorge Railway "Torokko" train sightseeing for visits to the Kurobe Dam.