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Hot springs famous for historical nostalgia

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  • Ginzan hot springs [Yamagata prefecture] 銀山溫泉[山形縣] This area was a setting for the famous television drama series "Oshin". The retro scenery of the hot spring resort area made up of ryokan inns built from the downstream area of Ginzan River from around 1910 to 1930 is a symbolic Japanese hot spring scenery.
  • Ikaho hot springs [Gunma prefecture] 伊香保溫泉[群馬縣] These springs are said to have been in use since the 7th century. Hot spring ryokan inns, souvenir shops, activities (target shooting and archery), and restaurants sweep the area on both sides of the rock steps built into the steep terrain. There are also numerous baths favored by cultural figures.
  • Yunohana hot springs [Kyoto prefecture] 湯之花溫泉[京都府] This is one of the rare hot spring areas in the Kyoto vicinity. It is located only 7 kilometers upstream Hozu River from the scenic area of Mount Arashi, west of Kyoto. The springs are in Kameoka. There is a legend that says that once an oni monster cried, and his tears accumulated here to make a hot spring.
  • Kinosaki hot springs [Hyogo prefecture] 城崎溫泉[兵庫縣] These springs are very old, tracing back to the 8th century. Bath strolls featuring seven types of baths are popular. Yukata robes and geta footwear are standard attire. Footwear attendants are present to put out geta footwear for guests. Enjoy a stroll amongst enjoyable scenery in the riverside willows. Crab dishes are popular in the wintertime.
  • Konpira hot springs [Kagawa prefecture] The shrine city of Kotohira Shrine, a famous sightseeing spot, is home to many distinguished hot spring ryokan inns that have hosted cultural figures. The area is conveniently located for visits to "Konpira-san" (another name for Kotohira Shrine), flanked by a climb up 1368 stone steps.