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Hot-Spring Aficionados Visit a Top-Notch Ryokan

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Nothing beats a visit to a hot-spring ryokan for easing away the stress of modern life. Sharatei offered Warner and Birtles a calming soak, peaceful gardens for strolling, a dinner of seasonal delicacies, and refined traditional architecture. Being from Britain, they began to chat about the much-anticipated revival of hot-spring bathing in the city of Bath, where the bathing tradition began in England during the days of the Roman Empire.

photography by Kotaro Ishiyama
text by Kyoko Tsukada


Japan boasts countless ryokan (traditional inns), but truly luxurious places that provide perfect relaxation are limited in number. When Benjamin Warner, an architect and resident of Japan for more than 20 years, wanted to introduce a friend, Ian Birtles, to the ryokan experience, he chose Sharatei in Hakone, one of the most exclusive choices. Both basked in the meticulous care offered there. The reaction from Birtles: "This is the ultimate luxury. I can't wait to come back and share this with my wife!"
Let's find out what adds up to ultimate luxury.

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