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RO, the sheerest gauze

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RO, the sheerest gauze

Since the duo's debut in May 1996 with the highly acclaimed single Asia no Junshin (True Asia), and its subsequent rise to Japanese pop-stardom, PUFFY has asserted itself as a pop icon through continuous and unrelenting success. Having toured Asia in 1998, and begun its promotion in America back in 2000, PUFFY is now on the brink of international success on a scale that's unprecedented for Japanese pop-music acts.

Summer flamboyance comes in two halves

Choosing kimono that complement each other has a synergistic effect on this performing pair. Ro, the epitome of summer kimono, is worn with a patterned obi (sash) to highlight the brilliance of the garment. Careful attention to the smallest details, such as the sash clip, is the accomplished sign of grown-up kimono style.

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