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While chopsticks are used widely throughout Asia, Japanese chopsticks have a unique shape. China's chopsticks are even in thickness, but Japan's chopsticks vary. There are the katakuchibashi with one end tapered, ryoguchibashi with both ends tapered, and maru-bashi with rounded tips, and more. Lengths also vary for children or for meotobashi (literally 'married couple chopsticks'), with the husband's pair being longer. Materials are diverse, such as wood, bamboo, and metal, as well as more expensive types such as lacquer-coated or with lacquer art. In addition to using for regular meals, there are a wide variety of different functions such as saibashi used for cooking, iwaibashi used for celebrations, and toribashi used for serving food.

How to Hold Chopsticks

The bottom chopstick is mobilized at the base of the thumb and on the end of the ring finger. The top chopstick is held with the thumb, index finger, and middle finger. Move the top chopstick held between the index and middle fingers to pick up food.