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Traditional Costumes

The kimono is the traditional dress of Japan, and it is worn nowadays on formal occasions. It is sometimes accused of being an impractical form of dress, but it has the advantage of giving the wearer a graceful and elegant deportment.

There are various different types of kimono for use at different times and on different occasions. Women's kimono include the furisodé and tomesodé for formal wear, the hômongi for paying calls, the tsukesagé, and the komon. Men's kimono include the montsuki hakama for ceremonial occasions and the haori for going out visiting. There is also the yukata, worn by both men and women as informal dress at home, in ryokan or for attending local festivals.

The shape of kimono is fixed, and individuality is achieved by careful selection of the material, the style of weaving and dyeing, the color, and the pattern, as well as by the choice of obi.