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Our Pages on Facebook


Our Pages on Facebook

Visit Japan International
Welcome to Japan National Tourism Organization's Facebook page for all people who love Japan!

Visit Japan (U.S.A.)
Welcome to the Visit Japan page for U.S. fans!

I Love Japan (Canada)
Welcome to the JNTO's CANADA Facebook page.

Visit Japan from the UK (United Kingdom)
This site will take you on a fascinating journey through Japan and give you the inspiration to fill many visits.

Découvrir le Japon (France)
Nous vous proposons un voyage plein de découverte sur le Japon !!

Japanische Fremdenverkehrszentrale (Germany)
Seite der Japanischen Fremdenverkehrszentrale, dem deutschen Büro von JNTO in Frankfurt.

Join J route (Korea)
이야기가 있는 일본 여행! Join Jroute

Visit Japan for HK (Hong Kong)

日本旅遊活動 VISIT JAPAN NOW (Taiwan)
日本觀光廳 / 日本政府觀光局針對台灣大眾所發表的最新日本資訊。

Visit Japan 2010 (Singapore)
Fans and enthusiasts of Japan gather here. Join now to get latest trend and information on Japan!

Kunjungi Jepang dari Indonesia (Indonesia)
Selamat datang di Facebook Organisasi Pariwisata Nasional Jepang

การท่องเที่ยวญี่ปุ่น - Visit Japan (Thailand)


Cảm nhận Nhật Bản(Vietnam)
Chào mừng bạn đến trang Facebook của chuyến thăm Nhật Bản

Visit Japan Down Under (Australia)
Welcome to the JNTO's official Oz/NZ fb page!

Visit Japan from India
Welcome to the Visit Japan page for India fans!
Visit Japan - Посетите Японию
Страница о Японии и ее туристических возможностях

Descubre Japón (Spain)
Bienvenido a la página oficial de la Oficina Nacional de Turismo de Japón. ¡¡Les proponemos un viaje por Japón lleno de descubrimientos!!
Scopri il Giappone (Italy)
Benvenuti alla pagina ufficiale dell’Ente del Turismo nazionale giapponese.Vi proponiamo un viaggio denso di scoperte in Giappone!