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Narita Airport (Tokyo)

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Narita Airport is located 60 km to the east of central Tokyo. Airport fees are included in the flight fares to all overseas destinations if departing from Narita Airport.

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Narita Express
East Japan Railway (JR-EAST)
60 min. 3,020 yen non-stop to Tokyo Station.
Some trains go to Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Yokohama.
The N'EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way) : 1,500yen only available from Narita Airport to to major stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Sobu Line Rapid Train
East Japan Railway (JR-EAST) 90 min. 1,320 yen to Tokyo Station. At Tokyo, the Sobu Line becomes the Yokosuka Line for Yokohama and points beyond in the Miura peninsula.

Keisei Railway
36 min. 2,470 yen to Nippori Station.

Keisei Limited Express
56 min. 1,240 yen to Keisei-Ueno Station.

Access to Narita International Airport

Limousine Buses

The limousine bus service departing from Narita Airport has a vast network of routes across the Tokyo metropolitan area. It links Narita Airport with the Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT), the Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT), Haneda Airport and most major Tokyo hotels. Buses leave from in front of the arrival lobby at Narita Airport, taking you directly to the entrance of major hotels in Tokyo together with your baggage. The buses operate every day leaving every 5 to 30 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the 1st Floor Arrival Lobby.

Destination Duration Fare Bus Stop
Terminal 1 Terminal 2
Shinjuku Area 85 min 3,100 yen 1
Ginza Area 80min 3,100 yen
Shinagawa Area 85min 3,100 yen
Tokyo Disney Resort Area 60-80 min 2,450 yen
Haneda Airport 75 min 3,100 yen
Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT) 55 min 2,900 yen
Yokohama City Air Terminal (Y-CAT) 90 min 3,600 yen



Fixed rate taxis

Destination Fare Taxi Stand No.
Terminal 1 Terminal 2
Edogawa, Katsushika and Adachi wards 16,000-18,500 yen 9
Koto and Sumida wards, Odaiba and Higashi-Yashio 19,000 -19,500 yen
Chuo, Chiyoda,Taito, Bunkyo and Arakawa wards. 20,000 - 21,500 yen
Shinjuku, Toshima Nakano, Shibuya, Meguro, Minato (except Odaiba), Shinagawa (except Higashi-Yashio) and Ota wards 22,000 - 22,500yen
Itabashi, Kita and Nerima wards 23,500 - 25,000yen
Setagaya and Suginami wards, and Mitaka and Musashino cities 24,500 - 26,500yen

* Late night and early morning surcharges apply and an additional charge is applied for travel via the Aqua-Line.
*Discounts are available for disabled passengers.
*These fixed fares are based on travel via the expressway. The meter will be used if passengers elect to travel via non-expressway route. Expressway tolls and other actual charges incurred are the responsibility of the passenger in addition to the fixed fare. Operated by Narita International Airport Taxi Council Members (23 companies)

Airport Services

Tourist Information Center

Stop at the TICs located in the arrival lobby of Passenger Terminal 1 and Passenger Terminal 2 for information. They are staffed by multilingual travel experts who can answer questions and provide free maps and brochures. A stop at the TIC saves travel-planning time in advance. Office hours are from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, every day all year-round.

Money Exchange

Japanese public transport, stores and restaurants are legally forbidden to accept foreign currencies. You do need small amounts of yen currency for immediate needs. If you have foreign bank notes other than U.S. dollars, it is wise to convert some of them in to yen while at the airport. Traveler's Checks can be cashed quickly at banks, but few stores or restaurants accept them. Unused yen (bank notes only; no coins) can be reconverted into foreign currencies at the airport with no limitation, provided the exchange center has sufficient funds for re-conversion.

For handling currency exchange, there are 16 banks and 2 post offices at the airport, with one or more open from 6:30am to 11:00pm

Japan Rail Pass Order Exchange

Obtain your Japan Rail Pass by exchanging your Exchange Order at the airport's Japan Railway (JR) ticket counter (open daily 6:45 am to 9:30 pm). The date of validation of your Pass can be any day within 3 months of the issuing date of your Exchange Order. You can use the Pass for the JR train trip between Narita Airport and Tokyo.

Luggage Delivery

If you do not wish to carry your luggage, you can arrange to have it delivered to your hotel in Tokyo the next day. Delivery service counters at the airport include ABC Co. Ltd., Kamataki Unyu Co. Ltd. (QL Liner), New Passenger Service (NPS), Sky Porter and Green Port Agency (GPA). Charge per piece up to 30kg is 2,000 yen.

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