Tokyo Sea Life Park aquarium

Tokyo, Kanto

Designed at a place of exchange between people and the sea
A huge population of marine creatures representing more than 600 species

Tokyo Sea Life Park captures visitors with a huge glass dome, displaying rare marine life collected from the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Atlantic, Arctic and Antarctic. Especially thrilling is the Bluefin tuna darting swiftly around in a huge 2,200-ton donut-like tank under the glass dome. It is the world’s first facility in which pelagic fish swim in a cluster and succeeded in spawning.

The aquarium is also known for its exhibition of penguins, one of the largest in Japan, raising Humboldt, Rockhopper, Fairy, and King penguins that can be observed both on land and through water. It also exhibits the world’s largest kelp, a cluster of sea algae from California, various marine environments of Ogasawara Islands, Izu Seven Islands and Tokyo Bay to show sea life in Tokyo, and sea birds, like tufted puffin and murre, swimming at a dazzling speed under water.

In addition, the aquarium has a display of duplicated freshwater life that existed in Tokyo when it was rich with nature. Motsugo Psedorasbora parva fish, which are rarely seen in Tokyo nowadays, are in some ponds and marshes.


6-2-3 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
9:30–17:00 (admission until 16:00)
Admission Fee
700 yen for general visitors, 350 yen for people older than 65, 250 yen for junior high school students, free for children before junior-high school
Wednesdays (or following Thursday if Wednesday is a national holiday or Tokyo Citizens Day) and year-end and New Year holidays

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