Takao-san Natural Zoo and Botanical Garden

Tokyo, Kanto

Watch unique monkeys and wildflowers in lush greenery

Mt. Takao is a sightseeing spot to which the travel guide of Michelin that is famous for restaurant rating awarded three stars. Mt. Takao Monkey Park and Wildflower Garden are in this mountain. You can enjoy the park and the garden with one ticket.

In Monkey Park, about 60 monkeys live in a group and you can see them up close. The park is famous for park docents who present humorous talk shows about rules and daily life of monkey society and answer questions from visitors. Each monkey of the park has his or her own name and is full of character. Some monkeys respond when called out their name and others perform tightrope stunts.

In the Wildflower Garden, about 300 kinds of native grasses bear pretty little flowers in their seasons. Originally, a multitude of native grasses used to grow naturally on Mt. Takao and its surrounding area but the number and variety dropped steeply due to waves of development. The garden is established to protect native grasses and designed for observation in their natural state. Showing themselves as they are, monkeys and plants would soothe your heart.


Takao-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo
9:30-16:00 (Jan, Feb and Dec); 10:00-16:30 (Mar and Ap.); 9:30-16:30 (May to Nov)
Admission Fee
400 yen (junior-high students and older); 200 yen (aged 3 or older)

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