Haneda Airport

Tokyo, Kanto

(Official name: Tokyo International Airport)
Enhancing the fun factor with international line openings

Haneda Airport, which started off as the first national airport in Japan in August 1931, has made a name for itself as the hub of Japanese domestic airline service and as the front door to the world outside Japan with the opening of the international terminal in October 2010. And it is even well known as an amusement spot.

With a design concept based on the image of “the sky,” the International Terminal has a bright, spacious feel. Constructed in the image of strips of cirrus clouds, the large and placid curves and the natural light flowing forth from the roof of the departure lobby enhance the excitement of travelers starting on their journeys. In addition to incorporating architectural design that compliments the natural light, this airport also includes other active efforts to reduce environmental burden, such as the usage of solar power and geo-thermal power as well as the usage of heat waste generated during power generation in the cogeneration system for air conditioning and hot water supply. In fact, one of its main features is a high level of environmental awareness in the role of an “ecological airport.”

The fourth floor of the International Terminal is home to “Edo Koji,” a shopping and gourmet area that incorporates a unique Japanese ambiance. A wide variety of shops abound here, including shops selling souvenirs with a Japanese feel and gourmet restaurants like soba noodle shops. From the 17th to 19th century, Tokyo prospered as the center of the Japanese government and economy under the name “Edo”. Edo Koji was constructed with a design recreating the ambiance of Edo in those days, allowing visitors to experience traditional Japanese culture merely by walking through the area.

The terminal interior is also brimming in Italian and French restaurants and cafes. Also, “Tokyo Pop Town” on the 5th floor features a Hello Kitty specialty souvenir shop and a cafe that is merged with a planetarium, and the departure concourse, a 3rd floor restricted area after officially leaving Japanese territory, features high class brand shops like CHANEL and Gucci and a Sky Lounge complete with shower rooms.
The Observation decks offer a view of the Domestic Terminal past the runway as well as a lookout on Tama River and Mt. Fuji to the north side.


[Rail]About 4-min by JR Yamanote Line from Tokyo Station to Hamamatsu-cho Station, about 13-min on the fastest train by Tokyo Monorail Line limited express from Hamamatsu-cho Station to Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

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