Kokuritsu Nogakudo (National Noh Theater)

Japanese Sarugaku (Noh farce) was originally a public entertainment with its beginnings in monomane (imitation), which later divided into Noh plays and Kyogen farce. Noh and Kyogen have developed in tandem. Noh is acted using masks (called omote in Noh terminology), and understated movements and the muffled voice from beneath these masks create a unique and dignified atmosphere. Kyogen meanwhile is performed between items on the Noh program. The comical nature of Kyogen alleviates the tension generated by the Noh play. Both Noh and Kyogen are performed in Nogakudo Theaters. Originally, both Noh and Kyogen were performed outdoors, and thus the stage has a roof. The National Noh Theater incorporates a roofed Noh stage and audience seating in their original forms for Noh and Kyogen performed here.


4-18-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
Mondays (if the Monday is a national holiday, the following Tuesday)
[Rail]JR Tokyo Stn. / JR Chuo Line / 4-min. ride / Ochanomizu Stn. / JR Sobu Line / 12-min. ride / Sendagaya Stn. / 5-min. walk

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