ASO Farm Land

Kumamoto, Kyushu

Play, be healed and build physical and mental health at the foot of Mt. Aso which has one of the largest caldera in the world

Mount Aso (the official name is Aso-gogaku meaning Aso five mountains) is an active volcano which stands in the Aso region in Kumamoto Prefecture. It has one of the largest caldera (a circular depression formed at the center of a volcano) and a somma. The area inside the somma is designated as the Aso Kuju National Park and there are many tourist attractions such as hot springs and leisure facilities.
ASO Farm Land was opened in great nature in Aso in 1995 with the theme of “people, nature and vitality.” It is a full-scale health facility accredited by ministries, agencies and related organizations as a facility that is helpful for the people to build their health.

There are various facilities in the Farm Land. First thing to be mentioned is hot spring. There is a grand garden rotenburo (open-air spa). Each of men’s and women’s spas has the area of about 3,300 square meters. There are various hot spring baths such as: the rotenburo with a view of great nature, the bath in which people can lie down, the bath in a cave, the mineral water bath, and the Chinese herbal water bath. Visitors can relax in open space.

At “Genki no Mori (forest of vitality)” in the Farm Land, there are about 40 interactive equipments to play and move the body to the full in great nature. The equipments include “King Slider” which is for people to slide down a slope of about 70 meters long sitting down on a jute bag without stopping, and “Rubber Hills” which is for people to climb over many big logs. With those equipments, adults and children can play together seriously.
All the rooms of the hotel are dome shape log houses. The hotel consists of three zones: “Village Zone” which looks like a wonder village with domes of 7 meters in diameter standing side by side; “Royal Zone” where each room has its own gate and garden; and “Private Zone” which is suitable for a long-stay with superb facilities. Each zone has special atmosphere. Please choose a zone in accordance with your purpose and taste.
There is also “Manabi no Mori (forest of learning)” where visitors can contact with animals such as dogs and goats. Farms, restaurants and more are also there. In addition to local repeat visitors, many visitors from other prefectures come to the Farm Land. The number of visitors keeps growing each year.


5579-3, Kawayo, Minami-Aso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto
0967-67-0001 Reservation desk hours 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
7am - 10pm
Admission Fee
free; Genki no Mori 900 yen; Aso Healthy Volcanic Spa 800 yen
[Car]About 30-min by car from Kumamoto Airport

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