Tokyo Dome

Tokyo, Kanto

The first roofed baseball park built in Japan
Where supreme baseball games are the main attraction

As Japan’s first all-weather baseball park equipped with a roof, Tokyo Dome started operating in 1988. With two underground floors and six floors above ground, the facility can house 55,000 people. Based on Metrodome in Minneapolis, USA, Tokyo Dome maintains its balloon-like structure by pumping air into its interior. Contrary to popular belief, its nickname is not “Big Egg” because the outline of the ball park looks like a big egg; it is an abbreviation of Big Entertainment & Golden Games. This ball park is currently the home stadium of the Yomiuri Giants. With professional baseball being the main attraction, the facility is also used for various other sports and music events.

The park field consists of long pile artificial grass called “Improved Field Turf,” which is similar to natural grass, and is also suitable for soccer and rugby games. In addition, banked sections, which are put together when bicycle races are held, are stored underground. As for concerts, the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson have performed there several times.

In areas surrounding Tokyo Dome, a group of high-rise hotels, amusement parks, spa facilities, and shopping stores makes up Tokyo City, which is a large, popular entertainment area.


1-3-61, Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
03-5800-9999 (Tokyo Dome City Wakuwaku Dial)

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