Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

Okurayama Jump Stadium was initially named the “Okurayama Schanze” when it opened in 1932 in honor of Baron Kishichiro Okura, founder of the Hotel Okura, who had funded its construction. It was also the venue of the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics as well as many other international tournaments. The Jump Stadium is an all-weather facility and one may witness jumpers even during summer. Additionally, when there are no events, the lift can be used to reach the observation deck to experience the Okurayama Jump from the players’ point of view.

There is also the Winter Sports Museum is located in the area. The museum was established in 2000 to promote winter sports and exhibits documents on winter sports and their history. Its Exhibit Zone has many important sports memorabilia and historical documents, while the Hands-On Educational Zone is equipped with simulators of ski-jumping, bobsled and biathlon shooting and spinning in figure skating, which can be tried by anyone.



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