Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix

Mie, Kansai

Formula 1 is regarded as one of the three major sports events in the world together with the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games. The number of viewers of coverage broadcasted of this big event in more than 200 countries and regions all over the world is estimated about 3 billion.

There are a number of thrills in Formula 1. First of all, speed. In the Suzuka Circuit, F1 machines sprint in front of spectators at more than 300km of the fastest speed. The second is sound. The extraordinary sound of F1 machines has attracted many fans because of its comfortable note. The third is beauty of F1 itself. Everything that surrounds F1, not only forms of machines but also clothes of team staff, designs of pit garages and the atmosphere of the entire circuit, is sophisticated. Fans that are attracted by the speed, fans that love racing drivers, fans that listen to the F1 sound, and fans that are interested in competition. There are a number of ways to enjoy F1. It is up to you how to enjoy it.

The Formula 1 Race and the Suzuka Circuit have a long history. In 1987, the first Japanese Grand Prix was held in the Suzuka Circuit. Since then, the Suzuka Circuit has held the Japanese Grand Prix 21 times. The layout of the Suzuka Circuit characterized by its 8-shape has been loved by many F1 racing drivers in the history as one of the most beautiful circuits. The amusement park adjacent to the circuit and the location of circuit in the city make F1 watching more attractive.



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