Yuki-jinja Shrine

Kyoto, Kansai

A quiet shrine with a hall of worship built in Momoyama- style in moss-covered grounds

Because the shrine is situated at a steep slope requiring cable car in Kurama on the north side of Kyoto, visitors are recommended to wear walking shoes such as sneakers. The inconvenience makes the shrine a quiet place for worshipping with fewer tourists. Its mossy and rustic appearance is attractive. As the shrine is between the Sanmon gate and the main building of Kurama-dera Temple, it is recommended to take plenty of time to stop here when visiting Kurama-dera temple. Be careful because the cable car will not stop at Yuki-jinja.

The main and front shrines are Momoyama-style buildings reconstructed by Toyotomi Hideyori (son of Toyotomi Hideyosi who was one of the three great military commanders during the Warring States period of Japan.) The front shrine built in a rare style called Warihaiden (with a passage way at the center) is an Important Cultural Property.

The Kurama Fire Festival held from the morning of every October 22 to late in the night of the following day is especially famous and one of the three most eccentric festivals of Kyoto. After 18:00, men with 500 torches and other men carrying a mobile shrine walk wearing only loincloth. Torches are gathered to create a big fire enveloping the place with heated air; don’t miss the spectacular point of time and place of the festival.

Tengu Mikuji that is a small key chain in the shape of red-faced Tengu with huge nose (a mythical being that is half-god and half-specter) is popular among visitors.


1073 Kurama-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Admission Fee
free admission (200 yen at Sanmon gate of Kurama-dera for protection of the mountain)

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