Toko-ji Temple

Wakayama, Kansai

There are still records that indicate that there were once many buildings of the Toko-ji temple located on the banks of the Yunotani-gawa. All that remains of the temple at the present time, however, is one small building. The seated image of the Yakushi-Nyorai that is the focus of religious worship at this temple looks like an ordinary stone Buddhist statue, but actually it is made of hardened sedimentary deposits which came from the hot spring. Nearly 3 m in height, this Buddhist image has a hole near its breast, out of which the water from the hot spring used to gush. This is why this image used to be called Yunomune Yakushi (literally, “Yakushi of the hot spring breast”).


113 Yunomine, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama
Admission Fee
Free in the temple precincts
[Bus]JR Shingu Stn./Bus/1-hr. 20-min. ride/Yunomine-onsen Stop

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