Todai-ji Temple

Nara, Kansai

The original temple of Todai-ji was built in the beginning of the 8th century by the order of Emperor Shomu, who tried to rule the country under Buddhism. The center of worship, the statue of the Great Buddha, was completed in 752, and the overall buildings such as the Hall of the Great Buddha and the auditorium were completed soon after. It prospered as a place much like a school where Buddhist teachings were conveyed extensively and monks were educated. It was caught up in the vortex of war twice in its long history, and buildings such as the Hall of the Great Buddha were destroyed by fire. The present Hall of the Great Buddha was rebuilt in 1709, and major repairs were carried out in recent years as well. The Great Buddha, designated a National Treasure, is roughly 14 m tall, and is the largest metal statue of the Buddha in the world. This Great Buddha has also been remade due to the damage caused by war. The frontage the Hall of the Great Buddha is 57 m, with the depth of 50 m, a height of 47 m and is the worlds largest wooden construction. Even so, it is considerably smaller than when it was originally made.’


406-1 Zoshi-cho, Nara-shi, Nara
Admission Fee
Daibutsu-den (Buddhas Hall): 500 yen (regular fee) Kaidan-do: 500 yen (regular fee)'
[Bus]Kintetsu Nara Stn./Bus/7-min. ride/Daibutsuden-Kasuga-taisha-mae Stop/3-min. walk

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