Taima-dera Temple

Nara, Kansai

Tradition has it that temple of Taima-dera was established when the Imperial Prince Maroko, the brother of Prince Shotoku, who worked on spreading Buddhism, built the temple in 612. It was originally in the Kawachi region (part of the present Osaka). Because it was moved to the present location in 681 by Taima no Kunimi, a powerful figure of the time, it came to be known as Taima-dera. Its object of worship is a mandala, which is a painting that depicts the teachings of the Buddha. It is called Tsuzureori Taima Mandara-zu, and depicts such Buddha images as Amitabha, Kannon (the goddess of mercy), and the Bodhisattva of wisdom, and what Nirvana looks like. This mandala is also known from the Legend of Princess Chujo, which tells that the piece was woven in one night using threads made from lotus.


1263 Taima, Taima-cho, Kita-Katsuragi-gun, Nara
Admission Fee
Free in the temple precincts Nakanobo: 500 yen (regular fee) Temple buildings: 500 yen (regular fee)
[Walk]Kintetsu Taima-dera Stn./15-min. walk

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