Suiten-gu Shrine

Fukuoka, Kyushu

The main shrine of Suitengu which answers prayer for protection against flood and for blessing with children.

There are many shrines named Suitengu across Japan but the Suitengu in Fukuoka is their head shrine. In 1185, two rival forces Genji and Heike fight battles and Heike that lost the battles was ruined. It is said the shrine originates from a court lady who had serve Heike and held memorial services for the clan.

The lady earned respect from local people and the shrine’s reputation grew. A local lord during the Edo Period heard its reputation and donated a building and land to the shrine. The shrine has drawn more worshippers and its branches were built not only in Japan but also in Hawaii.

Suitengu is believed to answer prayers for protection against flood, pregnancy, safe delivery and protection of children. It is popular as a friendly shrine that listens to problems of people. This is a shrine for daily living familiar to women, in particular. In the wide precinct, there are four shrines dedicated to related deities and a memorial hall of local great figures. How about visiting the shrines, looking at exhibits in the memorial hall and contemplate about faith, history and gods?


265 Senoshita-machi, Kurume, Fukuoka

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