Rinsen-ji Temple

Niigata, Chubu

Temple where Uesugi Kenshin who was a very compassionate man studied as a child

Rinsen-ji was established by Nagao Yoshikage, grandfather of Uesugi Kensin (popular general who was very good at war,) as his family temple for memorial service at the 17th death anniversary of his father. Kenshin lived here from age 7 to 14 studying hard and practicing martial arts and Zen. His tomb stone is here (but his remains are in the mausoleum of the Uesugi family at a different place.)

Somon gate (entrance from enclosure) is a valuable structure removed from Kasugayama Castle and reconstructed here. It is said to be the only remaining structure of Kasugayama Castle. The big all-zelkova Sanmon gate constructed without using nails in 1925, together with Nio statues (4-meter high including the pedestal) on both sides, have a tremendous impact. Above you will see a large plaque inscribed “Kasugayama” and “Daiichigi (the first principle)” that are reproductions of Kenshin’s own handwriting.

The treasure house exhibits Kenshin’s mementos, a set of battle flags of the Uesugi Family, his calligraphy works, his portraits drawn during his lifetime, etc. The temple attracts a number of visitors who love Japanese History.


1-1-1 Nakamonzen, Joetsu City, Niigata
Admission Fee
500 yen for admission
none except during winter (please make an inquiry)

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