Ikaruga-ji Temple

Hyogo, Kansai

Prince Shotoku, a regent who was active from the 6th century to the first part of the 7th century, was a staunch Buddhist. He built temples in various places, including the temples of Horyu-ji and Shitenno-ji. Prince Shotoku was granted the present site of Ikaruga-ji, by Emperor Suiko, as his aristocratic estate. It is said that Prince Shotoku named this place Ikaruga-no-Sho, designated it as the site of Horyu-ji, and later built Ikaruga-ji here.The three-storied pagoda, which was rebuilt in 1565 after being destroyed by fire, is designated by the national government as an Important Cultural Property. Among the buildings located here is the Shotoku-den, a structure containing an image of Prince Shotoku which is said to be the work of the prince himself. Stored in the treasury is a terrestrial globe made of stone, which measures 11 cm. in diameter and is said to be the oldest terrestrial globe in Japan.


709 Ikaruga, Taishi-cho, Ibo-gun, Hyogo
Admission Fee
Free in the temple precincts
[Bus]JR Himeji Station/ Bus/ 30min./ Ikaruga Bus Stop/ On foot/ 6 min.[Car]JR Aboshi Station/ Taxi/ 10 min.

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