Hase-dera Temple (Nara)

Nara, Kansai

Hase-dera, located in the city of Sakurai, Nara Prefecture, is said to have been built by Emperor Tenmu, who is known for his activities in the 7th century. The Main Hall, a five-storied pagoda, and halls of various sizes can be seen halfway up the slope of Hase-yama, widely venerated as sacred ground by devotees of the Kanzeon-Bosatsu (believed to be the merciful goddess providing relief from suffering). The Juichimen-Kanzeon-Bosatsu (image of the eleven-faced goddess of mercy) enshrined here is also known by another famous name, Hase Kannon. The temple is famed for the splendor of its peonies and its maple in the fall.


731-1 Hase, Sakurai-shi, Nara
Admission Fee
500yen (regular fee)
Open throughout the year
[Walk]Kintetsu Hase-dera Stn./20-min. walk

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