Dojo-ji Temple

Wakayama, Kansai

Dojo-ji, in Hidakagawa Town, Wakayama Prefecture, is believed to have been built at the order of Emperor Tenmu in 701, making it the oldest temple in the prefecture. The drama of Anchin and Kiyo-hime, set in Dojo-ji, became the material for plays known as Domyo-ji dramas, and performed in the traditional Japanese Noh and kabuki theaters. In the temple precincts are Anchins mound, a bell tower, snake mounds, and other features connected to the story. Dojo-ji is also famous for cherry blossoms, and at their peak the temple bustles with crowds of sightseers.’


1738 Kanemaki, Hidakagawa-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama
Admission Fee
600 yen (regular fee)
From Tokyo Station:[Rail]JR Dojo-ji Stn./7-min. walk
From Tokyo Station:
[Rail] JR Dojo-ji Stn./7-min. walk

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