Atsuta-jingu Shrine

Aichi, Chubu

The history of Atsuta-jingu, located in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi in Aichi Prefecture, dates back 2,000 years. The shrines history begins with the dedication of a treasured sword, Kusanagi-no Tsurugi (“Grass-mowing Sword”) by Prince Yamatotakeru-no-Mikoto, a legendary figure appearing in Japanese mythology. With many worshippers, the shrine is known affectionately today as “Atsuta-sama.” In the precincts of the shrine is a giant camphor tree around 1,000 years old which is said to have been planted by the saint Kobo-daishi (Kukai), who propagated Buddhism in Japan following Buddhist studies in China. Notwithstanding its location in the heart of the city of Nagoya, the precincts of Atsuta-jingu are filled with greenery, and provide people with a place to relax as well as worship.’


1-1-1 Jingu, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Admission Fee
Free in the shrine precincts Houmotsu-den (Treasury Hall): 300 yen
Last Wednesday and Thursday of each month, New Years holidays (Dec. 25-31)'(Treasury Hall)
[Walk]Meitetsu Jingu-mae Stn./3-min. walk

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