DFS Galleria Okinawa

Okinawa, Kyushu

The only duty-free downtown shopping mall in Japan

DFS Galleria Okinawa is a huge shopping mall located in downtown Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost island with coral reefs and bright emerald green sea. The facility houses the only street-level shops in Japan where you can purchase foreign brand goods duty-free. The place attracts many tourists who stop by on a daily basis for shopping at prices with up to 30% savings after fully enjoying site-seeing around Okinawa.

Customs regulations apply when shopping at DFS Galleria. You are required to register your contact details name, address and departure time of the flight home prior to shopping, you then receive your “shopping card” that allows you to shop in store. Upon making a purchase you will receive a receipt. You are required to present this receipt at the DFS pickup counter after baggage check at Naha Airport to receive the purchased goods. For domestic flights, there is a shopping cutoff time at least two hours prior to your flight departure time. International flights require 3 hours.

A variety of facilities are available, including the Food Colosseum, offering food from all over the world. It is recommended to plan a half day stay here rather than a brief stop before departure.


4-1 Omoromachi, Naha, Okinawa
9:00-21:00 (9:00-22:00 on weekends and national holidays)
Open throughout the year

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