Yatsugatake Mountains

Nagano, Chubu

A mountain route with a pretty view that is popular among alpinists where delicate wildflowers bloom on majestic mountains

The Yatsugatake Mountains, including majestic mountains, is a popular mountain route. There are various courses from a route for casual hiking to a full-scale climbing route for experienced alpinists. The celestial mountain scenery is also an excellent photogenic subject. Minami Yatsugatake constitutes a difficult climbing route, where crags continue from Mt. Iodake to Mt. Amigasa. On the other hand, at Kita Yatsugatake, forests with coniferous trees growing and a quiet pond produce fairy-tale scenery.

At the Yatsugatake Mountains, which are full of the blessings of nature, there are many chances to encounter lovely wild animals, such as dormice and flying squirrels. There are diverse plants, and alpine plants growing here and there in the summer months. Flowers blossom in groups from early June to mid-August, in particular, during the rainy season. In addition, many climbers also visit in winter as it snows relatively little. Many people enjoy backcountry skiing and snowshoeing. The Yatugatake Mountains are enjoyable all year.

There are over 30 mountain lodges on the Yatsugatake Mountains. The mountain lodges have characteristics depending on the personality of their hosts. For example, there are a lodge which teaches people a lot about alpine plants, a lodge which makes people want to spend the night viewing stars, and a lodge where people can take a hot spring bath. If you spend a fun night with a unique host and climbing partners, you will be able to make a unforgettable memories. In recent years, some areas have become “No go” areas because they were damaged by climbers. So, please enjoy the mountain while paying sufficient attention to the natural environment.


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