Takegashima Marine Park

Tokushima, Shikoku

A beautiful marine park inhabited by 21 species of coral and various tropical fish

Takegashima Marine Park is officially designated by the Ministry of Environment as a marine park, surrounding Takegashima Island. The transparency of the seawater is superb, and there are as many as 21 species of coral here, in various shapes and colors. You can also observe vividly-colored tropical fish, such as sapphire devil, clownfish and Seto sea bream.

You can take a look into the colorful world underwater through the transparent bottom of a sightseeing boat. There are also perfect spots for fishing and diving. You can also enjoy marine activities, such as sea kayaking and snorkeling, under the guidance of instructors. The varied scenery is also an attractive point, with the silhouette of islands offshore.

You can spend a holiday in nearby hot springs, with plenty of fresh seafood such as lobster, tuna and abalone. There are accommodations such as guest houses and camping sites in Takegashima Island, so you may have fun with your family or friends. It is a great place for a relaxing time, like reading on the beach in the sea breeze during the daytime and strolling around in the evening, rather than busily visiting different places.


Takegashima, Shishikuiura, Kaiyo-cho, Kaifu-gun, Tokushima
0884-76-1511 (Industry and sightseeing section, Kaiyo Town Office)

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