Nii-jima Island

Tokyo, Kanto

Try surfing and scuba diving on a small island with a glorious view which is surrounded by the blue sea!

This is a warm resort island belonging to Izu Islands which is located about 160 km south of Tokyo. It is a beautiful island full of the blessings of nature where contrast between pure white sand beaches and the bright blue sea. Sand on the island is white as volcanic rocks are the base of the sand. Severe nature has produced beautiful beaches.

Each beach on this island has different characteristics. It is necessary to visit different beaches depending on what a person wants to enjoy, specifically, Habushiura Beach where a world championship of surfing is held, Kurone Beach where there is a fishing spot, Maehama Beach where waves are gentle, and Mamashita Beach where hot springs are scattered in the surrounding area. It is recommended to visit all beaches to play and compare them if time permits.

In addition, there is a roadway up to the vicinity of the top of Mt. Miyatsuka that is highest (432 m in height) on this island. At the top of the mountain, people can have a panoramic view covering from the Pacific Ocean to mainland Japan and Tokyo. Moreover, people can have pretty views, including night views and views of the field of sea, from some observation decks, such as Habushiura observation deck, Mukaiyama observation deck, and Fujimitoge observation deck. Furthermore, iron man races and marathon races are held, and there are places where people can camp and barbecue. The island is a resort where people can enjoy diversified vacations in nature.


Honson, Niijimamura, Tokyo
04992-5-0001 (Niijima Tourism Association)

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