Mt. Gozaisho-yama

Gateway for rock climbers!
A mountain where people can be satisfied with the beauty and robustness of nature

This is a mountain located between Shiga Prefecture and Mie Prefecture, and is protected as part of a quasi-national park. Over 2km long aerial railway has been developed up to the top of the mountain, and you can comfortably travel to the top while seeing surrounding pretty views, including Yokkaichi City, Ise Plain, and Ise Bay. There are seven routes of the climb, including the Kunimidake course with moderate ups and downs, the Toge course in which overwhelming panorama is a sight to see, and the Omote course in which you can see the Hyakuken Fall from the observation deck. Choose a course depending on your experience and purpose. However, the Tonaiheki course which is said to be the gateway for rock climbers requires dedicated equipment, and is closed to general climbers. In addition, ice climbing is also popular in winter.

Mount Gozaisho has very colorful nature. There is widespread beautiful scenery in four seasons—alpine plants, such as mountain cherry, rhododendron reticulatum, gentian, and lysichiton camtschatcense, blossom in spring and summer, red dragonflies in late summer, broad leaf trees, such as enkianthus perulatus and maple tree, in fall, and silver frost in winter. Rare wild animals also live in the mountain, and there is a chance to come across Japanese serow which is a Special Natural Monument. In addition, strange rocks stand here and there near the top of the mountain. Unique appearances of rocks that stir your imagination, such as a huge tottering rock, “Obareiwa” and a rock like an art work, “Jizoiwa” are worth seeing.


Komono-cho, Mie
059-224-5904 (Mie Prefectural Tourism Association)

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