Kumamoto, Kyushu

Natural panorama of grassland and surrounding mountains that can be enjoyed in Mount Aso, one of the world's largest caldera

Mount Aso is the collective name of the double-structure volcanoes, including the mountainous area surrounding the five peaks called Aso Gogaku, a huge caldera around the mountains, and the outer rim mountains further outside. The round-shaped grassland between Mount Kishima, and Mount Eboshi, both included in the five peaks of Aso, is called Kusa-Senrigahama. The area was originally a crater, and the diameter of the grassland extends about 1 km. You can enjoy the immense nature of wide sky, a pond that accentuates the scenery, and high-rise mountains surrounding the area. Cattle and horses are put out in the grassland for grazing, and visitors can experience horseback riding.

You can approach near the crater of Mount Naka, from which volcanic smoke still rises, by car and ropeway. However, access may be restricted depending on the volcanic activity. Aso Volcano Museum is a facility located very close to Kusa-Senrigahama, from which you can observe the crater safely even when the access is restricted or when the weather is bad. You can watch and hear live images and sounds from the camera set near the crater. There are also exhibits on the volcano, geology and animals and plants of the area.


Kusa-Senrigahama, Aso City, Kumamoto
0967-22-3174 (Sightseeing Group, Economic Department, Aso City)

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