Koiji Coast

Ishikawa, Chubu

A coast with a romantic name originating from a wistful and tragic love story

The name of the coast, Koiji (path to love) originates from a tragic love story. The legend goes: “Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Nabeno and a young man named Kanzaburo. They fell in love, and met every night on the beach, with Nabeno burning a fire as a sign. However, one night, another young man who had a crush on Nabeno burned a fire in a dangerous spot, so as to deceive Kanzaburo. Kanzaburo was lured by this false sign, and drowned in deep water. Nabeno committed suicide after him, throwing herself into the sea.” In memory of this legend, statues and Shiawase No Kane (bell of happiness), a heart-shaped monument, are built on the beautiful beach of white sand.

The coastline is 3.5 km long, and is called Enmusu Beach, a combination of the words enmusubi (developing connections with others) and “Beach.” A festival named Koiji Himatsuri is held on the third Sunday every July. The festival originally started with a bonfire lit by the residents of the village, for the repose of the souls of the legendary lovers. In the festival, young men carrying two pieces of kiriko (a large torch), one large and one small, go into the sea and walk around. Elaborately-designed fireworks called aburamono in the festival are also well known. Flames turn the night sea red, creating a mysterious atmosphere. Why not enjoy the romantic place by visiting the place with your lover or spouse?


1−11 Ko, Koiji, Noto-cho, Hohsu-gun, Ishikawa
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