Kirifuri-no-taki Falls

Tochigi, Kanto

Beautiful contrast of trees with a different appearances each season and the clear waterfall

Kirifuri Falls is a 75m-tall waterfall in Nikko, one of Japan’s representative sightseeing spots. The waterfall is divided into upper and lower tiers. It is said that the name Kirifuri (meaning “falling mist”) is taken from the mist sprayed from the lower waterfall and hitting the rocks. Although Nikko is a place with many waterfalls, this is one of the well-known tourist spots, together with Kegon Falls and Urami Falls.

The leaves of trees are a fresh green in spring, turn red and yellow in autumn, and are covered with snow in winter. These trees, with a different appearance each season, in combination with the view of the clear white falling water, create stirring scenery. The falls are located in Kirifuri Highlands. A walking path will lead you to an observation deck from which you can see the waterfall at the front. Although it used to be possible to reach the waterfall basin, the path to it partly collapsed and currently cannot be used. However, you can still enjoy the beautiful contrast of the waterfall and the green trees.

This waterfall, more elegant and graceful than powerful, has been loved by Japanese people since long ago. In the Edo Period, Katsushika Hokusai, a prominent ukiyo-e artist (died 1849), portrayed this waterfall in his series of Shokoku Taki Meguri (waterfalls around the country). Please enjoy the delicate beauty of the waterfall.


Tokorono, Nikko City, Tochigi
0288-54-2496 (Nikko Tourism Association)

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