Toyama, Chubu

Visit dynamic gorges on a mine train with a nostalgic air

Keyakidaira is the terminal station of Torokko Electric Railway, threading its way through V-shaped gorges. Riding a retro-looking Torokko train through a dynamic landscape as if in a movie will make you feel a sense of adventure. The station is surrounded by many great sites such as the mysterious Sarutobi Gorge, Meiken Hot Spring with an outdoor hot spring in the middle of a cliff, and the great walls of Okukanesan attracting many climbers; the area is too vast to see in one day.

There is no train service from mid-November to mid-April every year due to deep snow. Service to Keyakidaira Station starts in May. In spring, the station is crowded with tourists who were waiting for the resumption of train service after 5 months. In the intact nature of Keyakidaira, beeches and firs grow thick giving off the pleasant smell of greens in spring. It is comfortable in summer with temperatures of around 20 degrees C and a cool breeze coming from a waterfront. In autumn, colored yamamomiji (Acer palmatum) and maple leaves blended with evergreens to create vivid scenery. You may encounter wild animals such as the Japanese macaque and antelope living in this rich natural environment. Take in a big breath of the gorge’s fresh air and relax.


Kurobe Okuyama National Forest, Kurobe City, Toyama
0765-62-1014 (Kurobe Gorge Railway Co., Ltd.)
8:47-17:25 (the last train)
16th to 30th November: 9:12-16:43 (the last train)
Admission Fee
Railway ticket: 2,380 yen (adults); 1,200 yen (children)
December 1 to April 30 of the next year

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