Hachijo-jima island

Tokyo, Kanto

Only 50 minutes from Tokyo
A marine resort of everlasting spring

The climate is subtropical. Plants full of the mood of southern countries, such as ferns, palm trees, bougainvilleas, and hibiscuses, cover the island, and the island is a treasure house of nature where glossy flowers bloom even in deep winter. There are two mountains on the island, both of which have routes of climb developed. Mt. Mihara that is believed to have been generated 100,000 years ago is 700 m in height. People can enjoy sharp landscape, including falls and swamps. At Mt. Hachijo-Fuji that is 854 m in height, people can see the overwhelming volcanic vent. “Fureai Bokujo (touch-freely stock farm)” is located along a round road at the seventh station of the mountain, and there is an observation deck from which people can have a panoramic view.

As the warm Black Current flows in the sea of Hachijo Island, people can observe tropical organisms during scuba diving and snorkeling. In addition to corals and sea turtles, you may be able to encounter rare fish, such as wrought iron butterflyfish which inhabits only in the sea of Machijo Island and Ogasawara and Pacific spaghetti eel which was discovered in the sea of Hachijo Island. Beaches also have characteristics, including “Sokodo Beach” which is the largest bathing beach on the island, “Yakengahama (beach)” which is a good out-of-the-way place like a private beach, and “Shioma Beach” which is a site for surfing that represents the island. So, it seems fun to visit different beaches from day to day. In addition, a trolling championship is also held every May. Many anglers participate in the championship with the intention to catch big fish, such as yellow-fin tuna and skipjack. As people can enjoy marine sports all year, the island is a resort that pleases, in particular, people who love the sea.


Hachijo-town, Hachijo-Island, Tokyo
04996-2-1377 (Hachijojima Tourism Association)

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