Dogashima Coast

Shizuoka, Chubu

The island is connected to the mainland, and you can walk across at low tide

Tombolo is a phenomenon where a strip of land shows up between an island and the mainland at low tide. Dogashima Coast is a sightseeing spot where visitors can experience this rare phenomenon. At low tide, a pathway toward the Sanshiro Islands, consisting of Denbei Island, Nakano Island, Okinose Island and Taka Island 200 m offshore, will appear and people can walk on it.

A cave called Tensoudou, designated as a natural monument, is also a must-see spot. This is a place where waves have cut a hole in part of a stone wall. The inside of the cave can be observed from a sightseeing boat. A large opening is at the ceiling of the center of the cave, and you can see the blue sky through it. The blue sea surface shining with the sunlight seeping through the hole is a mystical view. You can also look down through the hole above the cave if you take a footpath.

Dogashima Coast is an important tourism base in Nishi-Izu area, Shizuoka Prefecture. Near the coast, there are spots such as Orchid Resort Dogashima, where there is a hot spring and more than 8400 species of orchids, and Peer Dome Teso, where the scenery of Izu is shown to visitors with a realistic image in a large dome-type theater. Enjoy various aspects of nature here at Dogashima Coast.


Dogashima, Nishina, Nishiizu-cho, Kamo-gun,, Shizuoka
055-852-1268 (Dogashima Tourist Infomation)

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