Chichi-jima Island

Tokyo, Kanto

The largest of the Ogasawara Islands, where you can experience the rare nature of a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Ogasawara Islands are located about 1,000 km south of Tokyo, and Chichijima Island is the largest island among them. Most part of this island became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011. Mount Chuo is in the center of the island and has an elevation of about 319 m tall. The eastern part of the island is covered with a dry scrub forest that has evolved in unique ways, such as the leaves having changed shape to adapt to the dry climate. There are also many rare plants growing there. The biggest downtown area of the island is called Omura District, where inns and stores surround Futami Port. There are many beautiful coral, tropical fish, and dolphins swimming in the sea. As there are many beaches adapted for swimming, diving is a popular recreational activity on the island. Activities such as swimming with dolphins and whale watching are also available.

At Nagasaki Observatory, you can look down on the clear sea from the top of a sheer cliff. There are also other beautiful beaches, such as Sakaiura beach, where a wrecked ship from the time of WWII is left abandoned and relics of bomber aircraft of the U.S. Armed Forces are left on shore, and Kopepe beach, which is a spot for snorkeling. In Kominato Beach, you can find pillow lavas, which are a rare sight even in global terms. Enjoy swimming in your bare feet while admiring the coastal vegetation.


Chichijima, Ogasawara Village, Tokyo
04998-2-2587 (Ogasawara Village Tourist Association)

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