Oita-shi Bijutsukan

Oita, Kyushu

Oita-shi Bijutsukan (The Oita Art Museum) stands in Uenogaoka Park (上野丘公園), a park in the city of Oita, Oita Prefecture, and houses a collection of around 3,000 works of modern and contemporary art. The modern art collection includes Tanomura Chikuden’s Bungo Nanga, Japanese-style paintings much influenced by Sung China, which are designated an Important Cultural Property by the Japanese government. Artworks from the last 100 years are mainly by artists with close links to Oita Prefecture, such as the Japanese-style painters Tatsuo Takayama and Heihachiro Fukuda, and are on permanent exhibition classified by genre.


865 Ueno, Oita-shi, Oita
10:00 - 18:00(Visitors cannot enter after 17:30)
Admission Fee
Admission 300yen、College and high school student 200 yen、Middle school and under, free
Mondays (If it is a holiday, it will be closed on the next day.) First Monday will be open. The next day will be closed. (It will be open while the special exhibition is in session) End of the year to beginning of the year.
[Parking] 130 parking spaces are available.

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