Fumio Asakura Museum of Sculpture (Asakura Fumio Memorial Park)

Oita, Kyushu

Asakura Fumio, who is regarded as the father of modern Japanese sculpture. He has produced a number of masterpieces such as “grave keeper”, as well as the quality and quantity of work produced phenomenal. And he has established a style called “naturalistic realism”. He was born in Asaji (Bungoono City) and study in Tokyo. He had always wanted to build a rest and recreation area in Asaji, the place of his birth. He died in 1965, aged 82, with his lifelong ambition unfulfilled. The people of Asaji-machi, wanting to make his dream come true commissioned Kiyoshi Seike, one of the master’s former pupils, who achieved fame as an architect to design the building. These days the Sculpture Hall houses a representative collection of over 50 works by Asakura Fumio amongst which are some of his most famous works.

The Asakura Fumio Memorial Park is an extensive sculpture park that hosts the Biennial Oita Asian Sculpture Exhibition. Works by leading contemporary Asian sculptors can be seen all around the park. The Asakura Fumio Memorial Park also has a culture hall, a ceramics studio for both study and practical work, a panorama-viewing platform, waterside sculptures by the wild bird sanctuary and a nature park. All these facilities are meticulously maintained so that all the family can enjoy the exhibits in a natural, peaceful environment.The facilities at the Sculpture Park serve many purposes. On the one hand they commemorate one of Asaji’s sons, a world famous sculptor (he has been called the Sprit of Sculpture). On the other, they also serve as a focal point for the town of today, which thrives on agriculture and tourism. Sixteen hectares have been developed as a concrete symbol of Asaji as a peaceful and artistic hometown. The arts complex is a home for the works of Asakura Fumio and the park is a peaceful place for the people to relax.


1587-11 Ikeda, Asaji-machi, Bungoono-shi, Oita
9:00 - 17:00(Visitors cannot enter after 16:30)
Admission Fee
General Admission 500 yen, Elementary and Middle School 200 yen. Discounts available for groups.
Mondays (If it is a holiday, it will be closed the next day.)
[Parking] 100 parking spaces are available.

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