Katayamazu-onsen Hot Spring

Ishikawa, Chubu

A beautiful, lake-side, hot-spring town with a view that changes hour by hour

Katayamazu Onsen, which is part of the Kaga Onsen Villages together with Yamashiro, Yamanaka and Awazu, is a vibrant amusement hot-spring town next to Shibayamagata Lake. There are more than ten modern hotels here and the place is popular as the base for leisure activities on the lake. The spring contains sodium and calcium chloride, and it has a moisturizing effect and keeps you warm long after you bathe in it. It is said to be effective for curing sensitivity to the cold.

Beautiful Shibayamagata Lake extends from the front of the town and is about 7km in circumference. It reflects light from sunrises and sunsets, and is said to change color seven times a day. There is a giant fountain that spouts water as high as 70m in the center of the lake. At the shore, there is “Uki-uki Benten,” a floating pier named after a legend of a dragon god and a girl, being a pleasure to the eyes of people walking by. There are also yakatabune (Japanese-style houseboats) on the lake, which are illuminated at night, adding some atmosphere to the scenery.

Machiyu, a public bath facility in the center of Katayamazu Onsen with two types of baths, was rebuilt in April 2012 and is now popular as the new must-visit spot of the district. In Kata No Yu, you can enjoy a mysterious atmosphere as if the water of the bath is directly connected to the surface of the Shibayamagata Lake spreading before your eyes. In Mori No Yu, you can enjoy the high-quality hot spring water in a relaxing mood in the scenery of abundant green.


Katayamazu town, Kaga City, Ishikawa
0761-74-1123 (Katayamazu Hot Spring Tourist Association)

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