Shizuoka, Chubu

The quaint terminal station for steam locomotives is also the starting station for trams

Kawane-Honcho is a town in Haibara County, central Shizuoka Prefecture, and includes an area called Senzu. The town is adjacent to Shizuoka City to the east, Hamamatsu City to the west, and Shimada City to the south. It forms the border with Nagano Prefecture to the north. Kawane-Honcho is divided into four areas: Sumatakyo Area, Sessokyo Area, Senzu Area and Okuoi South Area. Senzu Station, located in the Senzu Area, is the terminal station of the Oigawa Railway, on which steam locomotives operate every day. At the same time, the station is the starting station for a tram line heading to Okuoi. The Oigawa Railway museum is also at the station, where models and parts of steam locomotives are exhibited.

Fireflies can be seen in early June in the Zinkojizawa River, which is about a ten-minute walk from Senzu Station. There is also a popular event called Oigawa Furusato Festival, held from late October to late November, when the leaves turn red in Okuoi. There are also various sightseeing spots in the area, including Tokutani Shrine (ruins of Konagaya Castle), which is said to have been constructed in the mid-Muromachi Period (1336-1573), Ryogoku Suspension Bridge, which is 145m long and 8m high, and hot springs.

Kawane-Honcho is also a town with 94% of the area covered with forests. Oi River Soil and Water Conservation Center, which is established for soil and water conservation projects to return the soils of the upstream part of Oi River that are lost in landslides back to the forest, is the only Soil and Water Conservation Center in Japan. You can see models and videos explaining the efforts for forest preservation in the Center.


Senzu, Kawane-Honcho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka
0547-59-2746 (Kawane machizukuri Tourist Association)

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