Saga, Kyushu

Town boasting 400-year-hitory of traditional craft
Natural beauty of mountains and forests

Arita is a town located in the southern part of Saga Prefecture and known for Arita porcelain. About 400 years ago, Yi Sam-pyeong, an immigrant Korean potter, and others discovered kaolin in Izumiyama in the town of Arita and began producing porcelain for the first time in Japan.

The Saga feudal domain, which was ruling the area, established a full-scale porcelain production system which contributed to the great development of Arita. The Uchiyama district has developed into a streetscape said to consist of 1,000 kilns and there remain many historically important structures such as houses for lacquer work and Western-style mansions. Many “Tombai” red brick walls, made by plastering scrapped bricks for climbing kilns and porcelain shards with reddish soil, are seen on back streets from quarries in Uchiyama to the Arita Porcelain Museum, creating a well-known streetscape unique to a porcelain town.

Arita is also a town rich in nature as mountains and forests occupy more than 70% of its gross area. There are many beautiful landscapes such as terraced rice paddies on mountain slopes, known as “Tate no Tanada,” the pure “Ryumon-kyo” valley, and Mt. Kurokami-zan abounding in rare plants. Visitors to the town can enjoy both traditional craft and rich natural surroundings.


Arita Town, Saga
0955-43-2121 (Arita Tourism Association)
(Train)Arita Station of Kyushu Railway Co.'s Sasebo Line and of Matsuura Railway Co. (100-minute ride from Hakata Station) (Car)Hasami-Arita Interchange on Nishi-Kyushu Expressway

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