Osaka City Central Public Hall

Osaka, Kansai

Osaka City Central Public Hall
A public hall for local citizens that has become a symbol of Osaka

In central Osaka, located at one end of a row of impressive buildings that includes the city office and the library is a particularly eye-catching building featuring pale red bricks and a bronze dome roof; this is the Osaka City Central Public Hall. Built as a public hall for local citizens and completed in 1918, it has become as much a symbol of Osaka as Osaka Castle.

3 floors above ground and one basement floor. Its various halls, both large and small, are used for events such as concerts, plays, meetings, and lectures, so it is a veritable base for the dissemination of Osaka culture. Each room features a stained glass window and a chandelier, while the design in the Neo-Renaissance style has been carried through to the finest detail, including the staircases and doors, giving it an air that is at once magnificent and subtle, with something of a retro feel. In 2002, the stage, sound, and lighting equipment underwent extensive refurbishment, while restoring the original design.

The construction of this public hall was funded by a donation from the Osaka stockbroker Einosuke Iwamoto. However, during its construction, Iwamoto died at the young age of 39. It was completed two years after his death. The tragedy of how Iwamoto departed this world without witnessing the realization of his long-cherished desire – completion of the public hall in which he had invested such a vast sum – has been handed down the generations and is still told today. The basement of this building holds the Iwamoto Memorial Room, which commemorates Iwamoto’s tremendous feat.


1-1-27 Nakanoshima, Osaka Kita-ku, Osaka
9:30 AM - 9:30 PM
The 4th Tuesday of the month (the following day if this falls on a national holiday), December 28 - January 4

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